The signs of aging have again “attacked” the delicate balance of the building and its architecture, both externally and inside.

There are some more or less significant scars that require rapid interventions to give continuity to the solidity of the theatre and to ensure its function as a centre of cultural production and dissemination.

We ask for a collective effort as a sign of awareness and sense of participation and affection towards the Teatro delle Saline, the beating cultural heart of the city for over twenty years.

Costs for this operation of “makeup,” are much lower than those sustained in 1991, but still quite high, especially after years of cuts in the funding received from the Region and the Municipality of Cagliari.

We therefore appeal to citizens, public and private Companies and Institutions to support this initiative.

(Italiano) Teatro delle Saline

To private individuals we ask to buy one or more seats for a period of five years, ensuring access to the viewing of all shows of any theatrical season organized by Akròama in the evening timeslot.

A gift to yourself, designed to preserve the theatre as a place of great value and historical memory for Cagliari and Sardinia.

By subscribing this offer you become honorary members of the Teatro Stabile Akròama and, as such, we’ll acknowledge your patronage in all the advertisements of the theatre, publications know for their refinement and originality.

As honorary members you will also be invited to attend following annual events:

– Summer Party, presumably in June, to meet and discuss the outcomes of the newly completed theatrical season and contribute to the discussion about the planning of the following season;

– Autumn Party, in which the new theatrical season is presented.

Honorary members will also access a number of yet to be quantified benefits (to be announced in time). We are also studying the possibility of placing a plaque with name of surname of the honorary members on the purchased seats.


We call on companies to finance one or more of the six batches in which the restyling of the Teatro delle Saline is divided: 1. roof and terraces; 2. facades; 3. interior; 4. fixtures ; 5. courtyard; 6. equipped green area.

Sponsoring this great project and preserving an architectural jewel means promoting your image with a high-impact social and cultural activity, able to reach a highly educated and sensitive audience.

An investment guaranteed by the quality of our theatrical offer, by a large and loyal audience and by the constant attention that the media reserve to the Teatro delle Saline’s activities. These are the benefits that Companies will enjoy for five years as part of the agreement:

– Marble plaque with your name at the entrance of the theatre;

– Invitation to be present during press conferences and in all official communications related to the activities of the Teatro Stabile Akròama and of the Teatro delle Saline;

– Company logo on all advertising material (posters, brochures, flyers, pamphlets, Facebook profiles and dedicated websites);

– Advertising spaces in all theatre information booklets;

– Free use of theatre spaces for your promotional activities (schedule, dates and days to be agreed);

– Honorary Membership Card;

– Two or more seats.


Next to the urgency of the overall maintenance of the building, there is also the wish for a redesign of the outdoor space surrounding the theatre. The idea is to allow for large areas to be made available to the public by the creation of a park around the main building. This would see a narrowing of the tree-lined path at the entrance of the theatre and the design of two pedestrian paths with wooden walkways.

For the East area the plan is to create an equipped green play-and-learning  space for children, enriched with real  educational vegetable gardens.

On the West side we plan a new refreshment point, as a seamless  continuation of the internal bar, consisting of a light structure in wood and glass.

Drafts and designs of the restyling are the work of Luigi Serra and Emiliano Serreli, two very young architects from Cagliari. Their fresh and innovative touch has contributed to the overall restyling approach

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