The Teatro delle Saline is an architectonic jewel in the middle of a precious natural contest, the Park of Molentargius. An amazing oasis where the work of man and nature join harmoniously representing a great cultural  tourist resource for the city of Cagliari.

The Theatre (the only property of the Region) from the 30’s is fully Art Noveau style: beautiful in its monumental exterior awesomeness and dainty in the interiors, enriched by polychrome frescos on the ceiling, flamboyant  painting on the walls, fillers and decorative motifs on the entire surface.

Unfortunately after the opening it closed during the war not to open anymore until 1991. Many years of abandon have contributed to the wear and deterioration of the Theatre. Thanks to the effort of Akròama, the Theatre re-opened in 1991, after an intense and meticulous work of restoration that gifted its ancient splendor.

The magnificent work has applied the use of funds retrieved from personal estates of Akròama Partners and from a contribute of the SACIT (BNL) of Rome, derived from State-Owned Funds and without any intervent from Local Sardinian Agencies.

With a stage of about 150mq, 332 seats and a well stocked specialized Library open to enthusiast and studious, nowadays the Theatre arises as the best refined and beautiful artistic centre of the city, a junction of reviews, conferences, conventions and festivals of Public and Private Agencies.

Thanks to its urbanistic position it represent the benefits of the suburbs, big parking spaces, free horizon, but at the same time is situated no more than one kilometer from Via Roma (storic centre of the city), thanks to the particular order of the city.

From above twenty years the urban projects of Akròama took place in the Teatro delle Saline, with more than one hundred productions a year divided between different season with a number of paying guests in the last three years between 30.000 and 35.000 each year and a high number of faithful spectators (more than 2500 subscribers) that since many years attend the Theatre.

The activities develop through different projects:

  • Season of Contemporary Theatre: it’s the leading season, with about 400 subscribers, it relies not only on appeal names, but also on projects of artistic interest and range among different theatrical genres, having modernity of the languages and quality of the shows as trait d’union between the productions. Diverse important names of Contemporary theatre were present in the various editions, like Carmelo Bene, Leo De Berardinis, Mario Martone, Federico Tiezzi etc. or very popular protagonist like Paolo Rossi, Giobbe Covatta etc. Various companies of high artistic and international value, among which we can mention: the Odin Teatret of Eugenio Barba, the Stary Teatr of Cracovia of Andrej Wajda, Laurie Anderson, the Berliner Enesmble, the Living Theatre, the Squat Teatr etc.
  • Euro Festival (ex “Teatro a Mille Lire” season) instead proposes to present young mostly Sardinian and emergent groups, trying to unearth the ferment and the explosive creativity of companies and groups often “homeless” or without an adequate visibility or to give space to European Productions of high artistic value like The Theatre of Weimar, The Theatre CTB of Braga (Portugal) and other big artists of national and international fame.
  •  Season of Theatre for Schools: To educate the young public to the theatrical event, to let know to the kids a form of communication different than that ones they are used to, to let love a genre of show that instead may threaten to become exclusive appanage of elder generation: these are the objectives mostly gained during the years. More precisely the Seasons for the Schools are two, one dedicated to the young of lower and higher medium school, with more than 1.600 subscribers. The other dedicated to the children of nursery and elementary school, with more than 1.000 subscribers.
  •  Families at Theatre addressed to the little ones: it was born in 2002 and it’s a season for families, with more than 300 subscribers. Two editions, one in Spring and one in Autumn, report a success year after year more crescent.
“Teatro delle Saline” today
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